Chew Digital Wirral Tel: 0151 641 0300

Hello, here at Chew Digital we design and build websites for your business, project or anything else the personal way. Our design process and vision is very different from the rest as we strive to deliver a website that is easy for all your vistors to use regardless of who they might be or what device they are viewing from.

You'll find our approach comes with the personal touch making sure you always have someone to speak to rather than an online enquiry process or call centre just to get the simplest of support or changes made to your website. We offer hosting from our partners and ecommerce too, we also use third party target focused floating tools plus statistics from a number of partners giving you the best insights to your vistors from different areas.

Our service to you doesn't just stop once we've built your website, we help you with Digital Marketing and Social Media plus expanding your online presence at the smallest of costs.

To find out more or get started contact us here or tel: 01516410300.

Quick glance at features offered:

  • Mobile Repsonsive
  • Visitors Statistics
  • Contact Forms and others
  • Domain, Hosting & Email
  • Gallery & Blog on seperate domains
  • Unlimited SEO Installed
  • Floating Share Icons
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Visual Navigation

Take a look at a couple of websites we designed for our clients below

Are you 50 or over? Do you want to be online?

CDCS can help - Chew Digital Services for Elderley.

You don't need to have the internet, you don't need to go anywhere either.

We come to you, if you already have a computer, laptop or other device we will help you and teach you to use them in the best way for you. 

We'll make sure your device is secure for you and show you how to browse online safely and what to look for when shopping online. Email might seem like a big problem but it doesn't have to be, we will look after you with what ever your computer or device needs maybe. 

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Website Forms

We create a wide range of digital forms including those for websites.

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SEO - Search Engines

Making your website found on the first page of Google is what we do. 

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Digital Marketing

Spread the words of your business with our creative digital graphics.

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CDCS - For Everyone

Special computer service for the older person that wants to be online.

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